Ultimate Guide to German Cuckoo Clocks

Cuckoo Clock Information

As beautiful as German cuckoo clocks are, they do require proper maintenance in order to remain in good working order. This includes cleaning clocks regularly and understanding how to properly wind them. If you take good care of your clock, it will be sure to last you for years to come.

Before making your decision, there is also plenty of information that will help guide you in the right direction. This includes info regarding price, various clock elements, installation requirements, sound options, and more.

Here is all the information you will need to make the right decision as well as important information about maintaining your German cuckoo clock so that it will remain in your family for generations.



We only work with the best manufacturers in Germany to sell you fully authenic, Black Forest cuckoo clocks. In particular, there are six manufacturers that we know and trust to produce these clocks. They are: Anton Schneider, Hekas, Hönes, Hubert Herr, Rombach & Haas, and Trenkle Uhren. Purchasing a clock from these manufacturers also comes with the esteemed VDS certificate of authenticity.

Do keep in mind that quartz movement clocks do not come with a VDS certificate, as they do not meet the requirements for this certification. VDS clocks must have a mechanical clock movement, which quartz movement clocks do not. Additionally, VDS certified clocks must also be produced in the Black Forest region.



Before discussing the various elements you can choose from when selecting a cuckoo clock, it is important to understand the pricing of these clocks. More detailed clocks will obviously have a higher price than simple clocks. There are some general guidelines to keep in mind that will help you select a clock that is in your budget. No matter what clock you choose, you can be sure that it will be totally handmade and of the highest quality.


  • 1-day movement clocks are usually less expensive than 8-day movement clocks
  • Clocks with musical elements are more expensive than those without. More musical tones or melodies are also more expensive than those with fewer tones or melodies.
  • The more carvings there are, the higher the price will be. If the carvings are hand painted and hand carved also means the price will be higher
  • Additional hand-carved elements also result in a higher price- such as a roof, cuckoo bird, or clock hands
  • The overall number and size of the carved elements will help determine the price
  • Clock size- the larger the clock, the higher the price
  • Clocks with a night shut-off feature will be more expensive than those without





As you make your decision about which cuckoo clock is right for you, there are several pieces of information to keep in mind. First, it is important to know that there are two main styles of cuckoo clocks which you can choose from- Chalet clocks and Carved clocks.


Chalet clocks feature a carved house- usually a typical German Alpine house. There are also usually additional complications involved with Chalet clocks, such as moving figurines enacting every day life scenarios. These figurines may be dancing, chopping wood, or drinking beer. There are also usually hand-carved animals as part of the scene and additional elements such as water wheels.


Carved cuckoo clocks typically show popular scenes from nature. There are always numerous animals included- such as birds and deer, as well as trees with intricately carved leaves. Sometimes, a hunting scene is depicted.


Mechanical vs. Quartz Movements


There are two types of cuckoo clocks you can purchase- mechanical movement clocks and quartz movement clocks. The difference has to do with whether or not you want to wind your clock in order for it to continue to operate.


Traditional cuckoo clocks feature mechanical clock movements. These movements have to be regularly wound in order for the clock to continue working. You have the option of either a 1-day movement (which must be wound every day) or an 8-day movement (which must be wound once a week). The movements are controlled by weights which are typically in the shape of fir cones. In order for a cuckoo clock to be a genuine Black Forest clock, the movements have to also be produced in the region (in addition to the clock itself).


Quartz movement cuckoo clocks take away the need for winding and are powered by batteries. While these lack the traditional feel of the mechanical movement clocks, they offer an easier way to have a traditional looking clock in the home without the work of having to wind it. You will find that these clocks are just as high of quality as mechanical movement clocks, it is just a matter of preference and cost when determining which type of clock you desire.


Cuckoo Calls


The cuckoo call is yet another element that epitomizes the German cuckoo clock. Both mechanical movement and quartz movement clocks will have cuckoo calls, although the production of the sound is different.


In mechanical movement clocks, the cuckoo call is produced by the clock’s movement (a separate weight controls the cuckoo call). Two air chambers produce the distinct call which fill with air and “whistle out” according to the time. In addition to the cuckoo call, most clocks will also have a cuckoo bird that moves or flaps its wings when the call is sounded.


Quartz movement clocks also have a cuckoo call, but the call is produced electronically.


Other Musical Elements


There are numerous other musical elements that a cuckoo clock might have in addition to the cuckoo call. If you purchase a Carved Clock with musical elements, it will likely contain popular German folk songs such as “Edelweiss” or “Der fröhliche Wanderer.” If you purchase a Chalet Clock that features beer drinkers, the clock may play traditional songs such as “In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus” or “Trink, Brüderlein Trink.” Should you purchase an 8-day movement clock, music will play at the top of each hour. 1-day movement clocks will play music at each half hour as well as at the top of each hour.


Quartz movement clocks also feature musical elements and will typically play music at the top of each hour. They can contain up to 12 different melodies, where as mechanical movement clocks typically have two melodies.


Clocks will also feature a varying number of tones (as we mentioned previously, more tones typically result in a higher price, but also a higher quality of sound). Usually there are between 18 and 36 tones.


Moving Elements


Many cuckoo clocks will contain at least some moving figurines. These may be animals, dancers, beer drinkers lifting their glasses, wood choppers swinging axes, dancing couples, children, and more. These figurines typically animate and move as music plays. If these figurines are hand carved or hand painted, the price will be higher.


Numerous clocks also feature a moving cuckoo bird in addition to the cuckoo call. The bird may flap its wings or move in and out when the call is sounded.


Types of Wood


The majority of cuckoo clocks that you will find for sale at the Cuckoo Forest are made from Linden wood, which comes from the Linden tree that is local to the Black Forest region where these clocks are produced. Occasionally, Maple wood is used in place of Linden wood.


Night Shut-Off Features

Cuckoo clocks sound every hour or every half hour. During the day, this is a lovely experience. However, many people prefer to have quiet during the night. This is especially important if you have young children who are light sleepers. If you sleep in listening range of your cuckoo clock, you likely want to purchase a clock that has a night shut-off feature.


There are two main options for shutting off the sound at night. The first is a manual shut-off, which you must activate each night by turning a lever that quiets the clock. The other type is an automatic shut-off, which is much more convenient. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn the lever each night.




You have to be very careful when shipping a cuckoo clock, as you do not want to damage the various elements of the clock, such as the chains or the figurines. When shipping, first remove the pendulum. Always make sure the clock chains are pulled up and secure them with a piece of string. You do not want the chains to get twisted or for them to fall off of the inner wheels. Additionally, place a piece of paper in the spiral gong of the clock. Be sure to add a lot of padding (such as newspapers) to secure the clock in place in the shipment box. Do not use small packing elements like peanuts as they could get stuck inside the clock.


Place the clock and the wrapped pendulum in a box. Most of the time, you will not need to ship your weights with the clock (unless you are shipping the clock to a friend). If shipping back to the store for service, include your personal information such as your name, address, email address, and phone number.




Be sure to consult your user manual when installing your new cuckoo clock. Keep the box your clock arrived in in case you ever need to use it to ship your clock back. There are a few main points to keep in mind when installing your clock, but always consult your manual before beginning the installation process.

First, it is important that you select a secure wall to mount your clock on. Authentic cuckoo clocks can weigh a significant amount, so be sure to find a solid stud in the wall and use that for mounting. You also need to have plenty of space (several feet) below your clock in order to have room for your chains and weights to hang freely. Make sure that you do not turn your clock upside down. This can cause your chains to fall off of the wheels of the clock.


Warranty and Caring for Your Clock


All of our Black Forest clocks come with a 24-month warranty for mechanical parts. It is rare to experience an issue with your clock, but should a problem arise, we will work with you to solve the problem and get your clock back to perfect working order.


To ensure your clock runs for a long time, it is best to have regular maintenance performed on the clock every 5 years or so. This will only help to preserve and extend the life of your clock. Having your clock professionally cleaned and oiled will ensure your clock lasts for generations. The mechanical movements in your clock are meant to last around 30 years, and potentially more if you keep up with regular maintenance. On your end, you can help preserve the life of your clock by not exposing it to extreme temperatures (either hot or cold). Keep your clock indoors and away from dusty or humid conditions.


Should you ever need new parts, you can come back to our website or to the website of your clock’s manufacturer. You may also consider going to a website such as timesavers.com which specializes in clock parts.


Famous German Holidays and Festivals – How many do you know?

Famous German Holidays and Festivals – How many do you know?

germany festival cuckoo forest

Germany is one of the hottest tourist destinations in Europe.

In addition to the various physical attractions found in Germany, the country is also known for its rich history and culture that draws tourists from all over the world. In this region, German Cuckoo Clocks are very famous clocks.

Germany is intent on doing everything possible to preserve its rich history through traditional festivals. There are many festivals in a German calendar year.

If you are looking to have full German tour experience, make it a point to visit this wonderful country during one of the major festivals. Here is a guide we published if you ever plan to visit the famous Black Forest region. Click here to read the travel guide.

There are plenty of traditional festivals combining ancient customs with modern carousing. The following are some of the main festivals and holidays in Germany.

Fasching/ Carnival Season

fasching germany cuckoo forest

Also known as Fasnacht.

Fasching is the German carnival season that normally happens in February during the days leading up to the Ash Wednesday.

In most regions, Fasching officially kicks off on November 11 at 11:11 am. The festival is characterized by parades and parties, feasting and frivolity, and people rocking masks and costumes.

In this period, participants are encouraged to really let loose before the austerity of Lent. During Fasching period, there are various balls, parades, and dancing in the streets of almost every town in Germany. The Black Forest is also situated in Germany.

The masks and costumes allow common people to make fun of their kings and princesses without fearing reprisal. Comic plays, skits, and speeches are also quite common during this fun festival. If you want to visit at the climax of the festival, make sure you are there on Thursday that is before Ash Wednesday. That’s when things go absolutely crazy.


Erntedankfest german cuckoo forest
Erntedankfest is an old German festival that literally means ‘Thanks for the Harvest’.

This is like the German version of the American holiday Thanksgiving, only without the turkey. Like most German festivals, Erntedankfest is rooted in religion and is celebrated by both Catholics and Protestants.

The festival is normally held on the first Sunday of October whereby churches are decorated with large wheat crowns and a display of fruits and vegetables. In some parts of Germany, baskets are filled with foodstuff then distributed to the needy after the festival.


Oktoberfest german cuckoo forest

Also known as Wiesn, Oktoberfest is one of the most famous festivals in the world and also the largest folk festival in the world.

Over the past 10 years, the festival has attracted millions of visitors annually who are mostly interested in the millions of liters of beer available.

With the main venue in Munich, the festival runs for about two to three weeks from late September to mid-October.

The festival is a vital part of the Bavarian culture and has been held for over 2 centuries in Germany and also in other cities where it was adopted. During the festival, large quantities of beer are consumed. For instance, in 2013, about 7.7 million liters of Oktoberfest beer was consumed.

In addition to the beer, there are other attractions like amusement rides, games, side stalls, parades, and a variety of traditional dishes to try. If you are not interested in the Munich celebrations, take a trip to Black Forest Germany where they also celebrate the festival in style.

What else do you want to see in Black Forest Germany? Cuckoo clock shops! This article introduces the history of the cuckoo clock and the Black Forest region. Before you buy your first cuckoo clock, make sure you read this article: how to buy your first cuckoo clock?


Weihnachtsmärkte german cuckoo forest

Also known as the Christmas Markets, Weihnachtsmarkte takes place throughout the country where most Christmas markets are decorated to look like Victorian towns featuring Christmas-light-filled booths that sell various German delicacies. In addition to food, there are various holiday-themed festivals in some of the bigger Christmas markets. Some of these include Ferris wheels, choral concerts, merry go rounds, and fireworks.


Kinderzeche german cuckoo forest

The Kinderzeche is a festival aimed at celebrating children.

It is based on an old 17th-century legend of Children who helped free the town of Dinkelsbuhl from Swedish troops who had taken over during a war.

Since then, the children of Dinkelsbuhl have been given an annual party which includes a parade, sword dances, and a reenactment of the events that led to the Swedish surrender. The kids are also given a cone full of sweets to honor their predecessors’ bravery.

Christian Holidays

christmas german cuckoo forest

Being a Christian nation, Germany has lots of holidays and festivals rooted in Christianity.

Like the rest of the world, the Germans also celebrate Christmas, Easter, and other popular Christian holidays. During these holidays, shops, agencies, offices, and schools are closed.

During these holidays, it is recommended to tour different parts of the country to experience how they celebrate them in their unique way.

For instance, the Black Forest is a great place to experience the Easter holidays in Germany.

Cuckoo Clock Consider A German Icon

    It’s well known that the Black Forest region of Germany is the original home of the cuckoo clock. It is, however, not very clear when the first cuckoo clock was made in the region. Although historians are not yet agreed on when and where the cuckoo clock was first made, Triberg, Bavaria occupies a very special place in the history of this clock.

    In fact, it is considered to be the home of the German cuckoo clock. But it’s confirmed that German Cuckoo Clocks were one of the best inventions in history. People love the Black Forest cuckoo clock and German coo coo clock.

    The people of the Black Forest region spent most of their winter in their wooden farmhouses by working on the several parts of cuckoo clocks. Some worked on the casings, others on the gears, and the rest of the beautiful artwork.

    By 1730, the cuckoo clocks made in this region had become very popular. Clock sellers would pick their wares from the Black Forest in the summer and move with it across Europe selling. Some are said to have gone as far as Russia.

    Today, travelers have the opportunity to tour the entire 320 km German Cuckoo Clock Route. It runs through the most important centers in the industry including the Black Forest.

    One of the best know centers is Furtwangen, a town that hosts the Clock and Watch Museum. This town once served as one of the key towns in the clock-making industry. In the museum, you will find exhibits of the following:

    Wooden mechanisms and stone weights used to make clocks in the past

    On one wall are some of the earliest cuckoo clocks




    The German School of Clock Making was established in 1850. Shortly thereafter, it hosted a design competition of the best cuckoo clock. The winning design featured a house-like casing, on that easily recognizable in the cuckoo clocks of today.

    The design was inspired by the trendy signalman’s hut featuring at several railway stations at that time. The railway was a new mode of transport and it was just making an entry into the Black Forest. Germany is one of the best places for cuckoo clock ever.

    The best place to have a view of the modern cuckoo clock design is in Triberg, Bavaria. Here, the very farmhouses where early clocks were made have the same look as the clocks.

    There is no mistaking that the cuckoo clock has an attachment to this town. It was not by accident that the houses were made to look like that. The clockmakers were looking for extra light in the winter for increased clock production and that is why they expanded their windows. Cuckoo clock sale increasing day by day also.

    If you are coming from Stuttgart, Triberg is only 100 kilometers away. It is the capital of the German cuckoo clock. On the streets, you will witness shops run by various clock making families. On the shelves, they have hundreds of cuckoo clocks such that every few seconds there is the all too familiar sound.

    However, if you are looking for where cuckoo clocks are made today, all you have to do is go to Schonach, only 3 kilometers away. It is right here in the Black Forest where they make all the clock parts, which are then assembled in tiny workshops by hand.

    There is a workshop that makes only the twin puffs that produce the clock’s two notes. The only imported component is the music box which is sourced from Switzerland. This is used on the more expensive cuckoo clocks. The German Cuckoo Clock is famous all around the world and in Germany also. These german cuckoo clock made from wood.

    Today, just like the 1850s, there is a design revolution in the Black Forest town of Schonach. In several showrooms, you will find the more traditional carved clocks as well as plain cuckoo clocks.

    Some of them are in very striking colors such as lime green and pink. For anyone looking for a traditional or modern German cuckoo clock, the Black Forest area is the place to be. No other place in the world represents the cuckoo clock tradition better.

    Five Types of Coo Coo Clocks

    The distinctive feature of the cuckoo clock is the sound it produces when it strikes the hours. You can easily mistake it for the sound of a cuckoo bird.

    The mechanism that produces the sound is a set of two minuscule pipes. As the clock moves, it creates air, which is then pushed through the pipe to produce the sound. Most cuckoo clocks are made using Roman numerals.

    There are several types of cuckoo clocks, which include the following:

    Chalet Cuckoo Clocks

    These are designed to feature the Black Forest house. The houses don’t come in the same size. While others are small, others are larger. It is the size of the clock that determines this feature.

    You can easily see the cuckoo bird sitting just below the roof of the house. The designers of these houses go into a lot of trouble to provide minute details. The house structure also has shutters and even balconies.

    Every house has a visible scene on its outside. Expect to see a garden with trees or animals. On some clocks, there are moving figurines that can be seen participating in normal daily activities like chopping wood. It is also possible to see turning windmills.

    On most chalet cuckoo clocks, you will find a group revelers busy drinking their beer. Every hour, these can be seen raising their glasses.

    Just like any other artistic items, chalet clocks exist in the form of different types. There are simple clocks and others with more intricate designs that include music, many figurines, and moving elements.

    Hand Carved Cuckoo Clocks

    The clocks made in the Black Forest in the early years were mainly carved in nature. They are known around the world for their distinctively artistic look. On them are hand carved figurines and details. The most commonly used wood is Linden, a local Black Forest produce.

    On most of the carvings, there are featured scenes from nature such as those of men hunting. You are also likely to find leaf patters all around a carved cuckoo clock. At the top, you will see the cuckoo bird carving.

    But that isn’t the only bird you will lay your eyes on. Owls are a common feature on the carvings. The hunting scenes are full of stags and deer. The best thing about these clocks is that they are carved exclusively by hand. Just like the other types of clocks, the sizes vary from small ones to large ones.

    Shield Cuckoo Clocks

    There was a time when shield clocks were the most popular exports of the Black Forest region. That was long before the Black Forest Cuckoo clocks came and took over the mantle. The shield cuckoo clocks were made using one of the simplest designs. All there was to it is a square frame topped with a semicircular arch.

    Just like the other cuckoo clocks, this type has been produced in Germany for some time now. They, therefore, have a rich history and tradition about them. Most of the people love them for their beauty.

    A lot of care is taken to paint these clocks by hand. That is why you cannot easily come across them, even right there in the Black Forest. It is all thanks to the advanced skills it takes to paint these clocks. Not all clockmakers in the Black Forest region can make them. They would require hiring an artist from this region to paint the clocks.

    In the 1800s, the demand for these clocks was on the rise. Clockmakers, therefore, opted to use decals instead of hand painting. The former process was a little bit quicker and would lead to the production of more clocks.

    Today, the painting is mainly done by hand. You will find beautiful designs featuring flowers right there on the shield of the clock. This is done using a special base coat that preserves the painting for many years to come.

    Antique Cuckoo Clocks

    There are a number of people today who are much at home with a cuckoo clock from an era gone by. Antique clocks come in the form of Black Forest Clocks with glass domes, which were loved in the 19th-century.

    Apart from that, there are Bahnhausle clocks which are made with railway signal house designs. They were a main feature in the 1850s and onwards. Experts believe that it is these clocks that preceded the carved cuckoo clocks. You cannot, therefore, talk about the history German cuckoo clocks without mentioning them.

    The good thing about antique clocks is that they provide a glimpse into the long history of Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks. It is, however, to come across original antique cuckoo clocks since many of those available today are replicas. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t match the originals in terms of quality and details.

    Modern Cuckoo Clocks

    If you are buying a cuckoo clock today, you may want to consider one that’s decorated using modern art. Many of them have a blend of the traditional and the modern. They borrow heavily from the traditional Black Forest clock making tradition while featuring elements of contemporary art and design.

    They stand out for their bold colors and clean lines. You wouldn’t find a style that’s as bold as it is minimalistic. If there ever is future for the cuckoo clocks, this is definitely how they will look.

    Modern cuckoo clocks still feature the cuckoo bird and its signature hourly call. That’s what makes these clocks as the Black Forest as any other. The birds are uniquely shaped and the birdhouses situated in different places. In the place of the traditional Linden wood, materials such as bamboo are used to make these clocks.

    Apart from that, there are Bahnhausle clocks which are made with railway signal house designs. They were a main feature in the 1850s and onwards. Experts believe that it is these clocks that preceded the carved cuckoo clocks. You cannot, therefore, talk about the history German cuckoo clocks without mentioning them.

    The good thing about antique clocks is that they provide a glimpse into the long history of Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks. It is, however, to come across original antique cuckoo clocks since many of those available today are replicas. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t match the originals in terms of quality and details.

    The Cuckoo Clock Working Mechanism

    Mechanical Movement

    Most of the clocks certified by the Black Forest Clock Association must have the mechanical movement. That’s because long before electricity was invented, Black Forest cuckoo clocks existed. That’s why a genuine Black Forest Cuckoo Clock must be made to include a pendulum that drives its mechanical movement.

    The pendulum is designed to move back and forth – the ‘tic-toc’- to regulate time. The weight is attached at the end of a copper chain, which drives clock’s movement through the pull of gravity. A close look at a cuckoo clock would reveal a maple-leaf-shaped structure. That is the pendulum. As for the weights, they look more like pinecones. 

    The weights are attached to a chain gear which helps drive the internal gears of the clock. As the weight descends, they turn the internal gears thus causing the pendulum to move. That’s what produces the characteristic ‘tick-tock’ sound of a cuckoo clock.

    In musical cuckoos, there are three weights while in the rest there are only two weights. In any of these two types of cuckoo clocks, the first weight controls time, the second, the cuckoo bird’s movement and sound, while the third helps drive the music box. To rewind, the weights are pulled back.

    The weights in some clocks are meant to move for one day, while in others, they move for as long as eight days. 8-day cuckoo clocks usually rewind only once every week. These clocks are usually more complex and larger in stature. That is why they are also very expensive.

    As for one-day movement cuckoo clock, it requires being rewound only once every day. It can only make smaller movements because of its weights which are lighter. This type of clock is, therefore, more affordable than its bigger 8-day counterpart.

    There is a manual shut-off option, which you can use to stop the clock from making any sound at night. You can then turn the sound back on in the morning.

    In some 8-day movement clocks, you will find pieces that automatically shut off during the night. You won’t be able to hear the music between 9 pm and 8 am. Clocks with automatic shut off are slightly more expensive than the rest.

    From most mechanical movement clocks, you will hear the songs ‘Edelweiss’ and ‘The Happy Wanderer’. With an 8-day movement clock, the songs alternate every other hour. As for the 1-day cycle clock, the songs will change every half hour.

    Battery Powered Cuckoo Clocks (Quartz Clock)

    Quartz cuckoo clocks are powered by electric batteries and not through the force of gravity. So is the animation and sound box. For that reason, these clocks require very minimal maintenance. All one has to do is change the batteries.

    Many of these clocks can play music too. Every hour, expect a different melody. These clocks are a darling for individuals looking for cheaper options. They do not have the Black Forest Clock Association certification and are therefore not authentic.

    How Cuckoo Clocks Are Made

    To make a cuckoo clock, choosing the correct wood makes all of the difference. Essentially the cuckoo bases are made using pine or walnut. The rest of the clock is, however, made using linden, which is a soft wood that crafters of these clocks find easier to carve. This wood can be found in most parts of Europe.

    The wood is acquired and aged for up to two years before the artisans can start working on it. To make the outer casing, the wood is usually cut into different forms and extents.

    This is done using mainly hand-held tools but it can also be done using power tools. The wooden pieces have to be dried for the artisan to start designing the clock.

    First, the shape is outlined on paper before it is sketched and cutting it out into the wood. As many as 50 distinct knives are used to carve the design in very fine details.

    For a cuckoo clock, the design is just as important as its function. This is what the owners are looking for. Nothing brings back the memories of the days gone by like a traditional looking design.

    The movement mechanism which consists of steel and brass gears are then built inside the clock to keep the time ticking and the cuckoo sound. The clocks are made either with a 1-day or 8-day movement.

    After the clock has been set, a cuckoo bird is attached to the movement. Two tiny bellows are then put at the top of the clock. It is through these that the ‘coo’ sound will be made. In some clocks, a music box is attached to the clock at the very top.

    After making cuckoo clocks, they have to be tested for a minimum of two days before being presented for sale. That’s as soon as it receives the artisan’s stamp of approval.

    Cuckoo Clock Greatest Features

    Cuckoo clocks are by their nature great pieces of art. They are made with a number of features so that they can be as distinctively beautiful as they can be. The following are some of the greatest features of cuckoo clocks:

    A music box

    Every hour, a cuckoo clock has to sound some music. This is produced in the music box that is found right at the top of the clock. The music box is usually driven by one of the three weights in a musical cuckoo clock. In traditional clocks, the music box produces only one of two melodies every hour. However, in the quartz clocks, the number of melodies can be higher. That is usually electronic in nature.


    These can be a group of dancers who begin to move every hour. They can also be a group of revelers busy drinking their beer or wine. Every hour, these can be seen raising their glasses. Again, their movements are controlled by the gears as well as one of the weights.

    Moving Figurines

    On some clocks, there are moving figurines that can be seen participating in normal daily activities like chopping wood. It is also possible to see those turning windmills. These figurines are essentially controlled by the weights and gears of the clock.

    Different Motifs

    Cuckoo clocks, by their nature, feature a number of curved scenes from nature. On some of the oldest timepieces, you will find hunting scenes. Others have leaf patterns all around the carved cuckoo clock.

    On top of every clock, there is a carved cuckoo in addition to that, some clocks have owl carvings as a major part of the decorations. On some of the hunting scenes, the most common animals are stags and deer.


    Most of the paintings on cuckoo clocks are those of flowery figures. These paintings are painstakingly done by the hands of the great artists. Each of the clocks is a unique piece of art that has the personal touch of each artist.

    What Goes Into Cuckoo Clock Pricing

    Anyone looking for a cuckoo clock will discover that they are available at different prices. There are various factors that determine the pricing of cuckoo clocks. These factors are discussed below.

    The features

    The most expensive cuckoo clocks have some of the highest numbers of features. That cannot be said of the cheaper clocks which are usually minimalistic. As such, chalet cuckoo clocks, as well as carved cuckoo clocks, cost more than the shield variety.

    That is because of the intricate design that is characteristic of chalet cuckoo clocks and carved cuckoo clocks. These clocks have elaborate features such as different motifs, moving figurines, dancers, and a music box. The pricing, therefore, works according to a simple formula. The more the features, the higher the price.

    Whether they have music box

    Not all cuckoo clocks have music boxes. Those that do usually attract some of the highest prices on the market. That is because the addition of a music box calls for the inclusion of additional which raise the amount of money required to make the clock. For that reason, the prices of these clocks are much higher.

    Size of the clock

    Cuckoo clocks are usually made in different sizes. The bigger clocks are meant for mounting on shelves while the smaller ones are put on walls. Because of their sizes, the bigger clocks are usually priced a little bit higher than the rest.

    Age of the clock

    When you go to buy a cuckoo clock, be on the lookout for the age as this can make it either cheaper or more expensive. Usually, the newer cuckoo clocks have higher prices than their older counterparts.

    Also, newer clocks tend to have better interiors than older ones mainly due to advancement in technology. It is the precise mechanism of newer cuckoo clocks that make them very pricey.

    The type of the clock

    Cuckoo clocks exist in different types. It is, therefore, reasonable to say that the pricing for the different types of clocks is varied. For instance, chalet clocks tend to cost more than shield cuckoo clocks.

    The former has an essentially intricate design with details which make it very expensive. Also, antique clocks will be priced much lower than their newer versions. As explained earlier, newer cuckoo clocks have more precise internal mechanisms as compared to their aging counterparts.

    Whether it has a 1-day or 8-day winding

    By their nature, 8-day winding clocks are more expensive than the 1-day variety. 8-day clocks are usually more complex and larger compared to the 1-day clocks, which are simpler because of the lighter weights. That explains why the former is more expensive.

    The carving details on the clock

    Did you know that the more carvings a clock has, the more expensively it will be priced? The carvings take time and artistic precision to produce and someone has to pay for that.

    The number of items and figurines on the clocks

    Cuckoo clocks differ in the number of figurines and other features. Those with more intricate moving items are, therefore, more expensive than the rest. That is because these figurines require additional internal mechanisms to make them move the way they do.

    High-Quality Cuckoo Clocks Made In Germany

    German cuckoo clocks are the best in the world.

    Nowhere else will you find a tradition of producing the best clocks spanning a number of centuries? The outer designs are usually hand-carved by artists through an elaborate process that begins with the drawing of sketches on paper.

    These are then transferred onto the wood and cut out using up to 50 different knives. Nowhere else would you find clocks of better quality than those made in Germany? In other countries, cuckoo clocks made in factories using the quartz technology.

    That includes the artwork on the outside of the clock and the other artistic features including the cuckoo bird, figurines, and dancers. When buying a German cuckoo clock, you aren’t just getting a time-piece, but more a piece of art. With these, you don’t need a painting to decorate your walls.

    Where to Buy Cuckoo Clocks?

    Are you looking to buy a cuckoo clock? It is not just about acquiring a beautiful time-piece. Make sure you buy your cuckoo clock in Germany. There are, however, one or two things to bear in mind.


    Some cuckoo clocks are much better than others. However, when it comes to the type of clock you select, it boils down to your personal preferences. While some individuals may prefer a certain color or size, others may not be attracted to that design.

    If you want the best cuckoo clocks regardless of your personal preferences, it is best to buy them from the Black Forest region in Germany.

    This is the place where the art of making clocks has been passed on from one generation to another over the centuries. Even if you can’t go to Germany, buy a clock with an origin from the Black Forest.


    In Germany, all the clockmakers have membership in the Black Forest Clock Association (VDS). It is this organization that is tasked with upholding industry standards that have been passed on from previous generations. Any clock you buy must, therefore, have the VDS certification. The VDS also has a network of service stations to help maintain and repair the clocks.

     That is not to suggest that cuckoo clocks without the VDS certificate are of the poorest quality. The clock might just be authentic and of the highest quality. The VDS certificate is, however, an assurance that what you are buying is of the best quality.

    Buying in Germany or…

    For most buyers of cuckoo clocks, buying them in Germany is better than doing it anywhere else. After all, the clocks are made in Germany.

    You have to consider the following

    • When you buy your clocks directly from Germany, you will be required to pay import duty on the goods. The process also involves filling in a lot of paperwork.
    • Your imported cuckoo clock might just turn up with defects or of lesser quality than expected. Be prepared to pack and ship it back to where it came from. Apart from paying the shipping costs, you will have to fill in export forms.
    • Buying a clock from Germany would not come with a warranty. However, buying from your country will give you access to a more comprehensive warranty.
    • Prices in Germany are likely to be lower than those in your country of origin. Bearing in mind all the disadvantages of importing a cuckoo clock from Germany, you will have to determine if it is worth taking the risk.

    If you are traveling to Germany, you can buy a small-sized clock and fit that into their luggage. However, the clock could be ruined with checked luggage.


    How to Unpack a New Cuckoo Clock

    You have just bought a cuckoo clock. How do you ensure that it is unpacked and set up in readiness to serve you for a lifetime? Read the instructions that came with your new cuckoo clock. After that, you can then consider unpacking the clock.

    During the packing process, cuckoo clocks are usually secured from the possible damage while in transit. Trust the clock to work if you unpack it carefully. Here is how to unpack a new cuckoo clock:

    Unpacking with care

    First, put the carton the right side up. Follow that by cutting the adhesive tape to open the top. Make sure that you cut only the top of the tape. Cutting in deeper than expected could just end up damaging the new cuckoo clock.

    Inside the package, styrene, paper or special packaging is used to protect the clock. Carefully remove these materials to avoid damaging the clock itself. Hold the roof and remove the clock from the packaging.

    Never hold the figurines or carvings. If the clock doesn’t have carvings, take it out by holding the bottom panel. It’s now time to remove the weights and pendulum. Ensure you don’t open the small plastic bag at the clock’s base. You will do that later.

    Don’t throw away the packaging before you are sure that you have all the pieces of your clock intact. Make sure you give the empty box a thorough check. Go through the parts on the table and ensure they are all there.

    In some clocks, you will find the weights, pendulum, antlers together with a deer head, and a carved piece for the top.

    Tuning the clock face-down

    Get hold of the clock and ensure it is facing downwards. Take care that you do not damage the face of the clock, the hands, tiny figurines, and the carvings. If you need an additional hand to help you hold the clock face down, then do it. Place the clock on a soft towel.

    Remove the two bellows clamps. Simply pull them out. Clamps are easy to notice since they come with orange tags. Take care that you do not damage any of the wires in the clock while at it.

    Replacing the back door

    It is now time to replace the door at the back. Make sure the locking tab is secured in place. It is necessary that you keep the cardboard box, chime paper, and clamps in a safe place. You might just need them for future transportation. It’s time to turn the clock on the back. Open its front and remove the cuckoo.

    Securing the clock on the wall

    Do you know exactly where you want to mount the clock? Put a screw into the wall, at least two meters from the ground. It should stand at an upward angle. Allow the screw to hang out 1 or 2 centimeters.

    It’s now okay to secure the clock on the wall. Make sure the clock is hanging perpendicularly to allow for the free movement of the pendulum. Once you have done that, your clock is ready. It’s time to set it. Set by turning the long hand to the left until you get the correct time.

    5 Best German-Made Hand-Carved Wood Souvenirs

    5 Best German-Made Hand-Carved Wood Souvenirs

    Many people find it hard to choose from thousands of different souvenirs that can be bought in Germany. If this is the case with you, then we can help you find the right souvenirs that will impress your friends back home.  

    Wood carving

    You may want to avoid buying something from Germany and seeing it being sold in your neighborhood department store. Most people want to bring home an authentic German souvenir that will not leave any doubt that they are from Germany. In this article, we will give you an idea of where to look for the best souvenirs and what are the souvenirs that you should be looking for. 

    Are you ready?

    If yes, Great!

    Where to Go First?

    If you want to see great finds while you are in Germany, head to the town of Schwarzard or “Black Forest.” We are not only talking about the chocolate gateau with cherries on top but we are also talking about the actual place where the cake originated. The Black Forest is just a 7-8 hour drive from Berlin. You can commute using public transportation or drive your own car to get there. 

    What Happens When You Get There? 

    The fun starts with choosing what souvenirs to buy. Here are some tips of what is considered as an authentic German souvenir. 

    1. Beer Stein

    Every beer drinker will appreciate the distinct experience of drinking from a beer stein. There are others who believed that the brew actually tastes better when the beer is coming from these traditional German mugs. Beer Steins come in a variety of glass, porcelain, stone, wood, silver or even pewter make. Germany is the home of the famous Oktoberfest which is an important part of the Bavarian culture. Numerous visitors drink large quantities of beer during the event. If you can’t take home a beer, you might want to get the Beer Stein instead.

    Beer Stein

    Hand-carved beer steins from the Black Forest can also be perfect when you are drinking beer with your friends at home. Beer steins can make you and your friends feel that you are drinking beer in Germany without actually leaving your home. You can choose to buy 4 or more different designs that have unique lids on top. Beer steins are perfect gifts for your friends or families who love drinking beer. There are a lot of ornamental beer mugs that are sold in the Black Forest. The most special ones are personalized hand-carved beer steins that are made by the locals. Choose beer stein mugs that have hand-painted Bavarian landscapes and townscapes. They are pleasing to the eye and you can use them as a display on your living room.  

    2. Cuckoo Clocks

    This is the most important souvenir that you can bring home. The cuckoo clock originated in the Black Forest. In fact, the town is popular because of the cuckoo clocks that serve as one of the cultural icons of Germany. You can call yourself a certified German tourist when you have bought a unique hand-carved cuckoo clock set from Batten-Wurttemberg.

    Cuckoo Clocks

    The Black Forest is the heart of the German timber industry. It is so named because when one explores the forest, the shadows of tall trees and pines seems to give the forest a dark ambiance. You should find high-quality German timber that is used for making the cuckoo clocks. 

    There are several clocks that you can choose from: 

    Chalet clocks – These clocks are popular for their human-inspired designs, and figurines. The clock usually shows Black Forest houses and depending on its size, it can portray an entire manor or just a simple hut. You can get chalet cuckoo clocks that have movable drinkers and lumberjacks at work. 

    Chalet clocks
    Carved Clocks

    Carved Clocks – This clock shows the artistry and the mastery of Black Forest carvers from the Black Forest, The clock brings an old traditional feeling to its owners. The Linden wood is primarily the wood of choice and a frame of leaves is usually carved at the top. A carved owl or a stag is sometimes used for hunter cuckoo clock versions. 

    Shield Clocks – This is a rare find and you should congratulate yourself if you are able to find a maker of authentic shield clocks. Shield clocks have very elaborate hand-painted designs. The motif is usually comprised of flowers or a rural scenery painting. These hand-painted gifts can grace your living rooms or dining rooms giving it an authentic German atmosphere. 

    Shield Clocks

    There are a lot of German Cuckoo clocks that are for sale all over the world. However, getting a cuckoo clock from the original place where it came from can be an unmatched experience. Aside from the beauty that cuckoo clocks can bring to your house, you will be able to look at it and remember exciting memories from your trip to Germany. 

    3. Nutcrackers

    It is believed that Nutcrackers serve as watchdogs that guard your family against danger and evil spirits. They can of different sizes and shapes and they are popular hand-carved wood souvenirs. Most of the time, nutcrackers are made after the images of Kings, soldiers and authorities of the past. Nutcrackers have often grim looks on them to ward off evil spirits. 


    Nowadays, they come after the images of Santa Claus, popes, Santa Claus, and other professions such as nutcracker doctors and architects. If you are most people, you might enjoy the nutcrackers’ authentic and colorful costumes, whimsical expressions, and enigmatic charms.  

    One nutcracker myth says that a lonely wealthy farmer is having difficulty in cracking nuts. He offered a reward to the villager who can come up with the best solution to solve the problem. Everyone drew on their own professional expertise in order to crack the nuts. A carpenter said that a saw should be used to open the nuts. However, it was the puppet maker who solved the problem by building a lever-mouthed doll with a strong jaw. If you love the German culture, you can bring home one of the Nutcrackers. They are also Christmas-themed which can serve as perfect hand-carved wood decorations. 

    4. Hand-Carved Wooden Figurines or Hummel Figurines

    The Black Forest has a rich world of fairy tale and folklore. After all, this is one of the settings of most of the fairy tales made by the Grimm brothers. You can buy collectibles such as wood handicrafts that depict people, animals, and sceneries. You can buy authentic wooden gnomes, farmer holding farm animals, men holding a beer mug and a lot more.  

    Hand-Carved Wooden Figurines or Hummel Figurines

    Things that you should look for when choosing a hand-care wooden figurine are the following: 

    Quality – Choose a Black Forest hand-carved wooden figurine that is the first rate. Figurines from the Black Forest are now becoming collectors’ items. When centuries-old carvings appear on the market, they are often snatched up by collectors quickly.  

    Signatures – Look for a carving that contains a signature. You can consider yourself as the luckiest person in the world if you are able to find a figurine that was hand-crafted by the Huggle family of carvers.  

    Figurine’s Carved Subjects –The bear is the most common animal depicted in wood carvings. If you were able to find an authentic dog figurine, you can sell it in an auction with 2-3 times the price of the bear.   

    5. Antique Furniture

    Germany is an old place and it traded with other Renaissance countries such as Italy and France. You can find authentic furniture in Germany that may not be available in your country. It can be up to you if buying furniture while you are on vacation is a good idea. But if you have found the perfect furniture that is centuries old, you might find that it is well worth the investment.  

    Antique Furniture

    Antiques are rare to find, and often, the German families who own them have a hard time letting them go since the furniture might be a heritage from their ancestors. Usually, the furniture is hand-carved with elaborate designs, and pictures of popular German houses on them. Getting antique furniture from the Black Forest can also serve as an investment since they are made from hard timber. 

     After Buying Your Hand Craft Wooden Souvenir 

    If you are asking what’s next after you find the perfect souvenir for you, then the answer is to enjoy your trip to the fullest. The Black Forest has a rich culture and a variety of activities to offer. You can visit the nature park with its grandiose views and mysterious lakes. Hike, or drive through the lush landscape that you can find in this rural town Eat the popular gateau which is present in nearly every restaurant in the place. Try the Black Forest’s sausages and pork dishes. When you are staying in an inn, look for artworks or furniture that you can bring home.  

    The most important thing is just to simply relax and have fun. You can bring your loved ones so they can choose their own souvenirs and make wonderful memories with you. Everything on a vacation should be fun and filled with happy memories. 

    Black Forest Germany

    Black Forest Germany


    In the state of Baden Wurttemberg in Southwestern Germany, there is a large forested mountain range called Black Forest Germany. The general dark color of the countless pine trees that grow in this region inspired the dark name. The name “Black Forest” was first time used by Romans.

    The Roman soldiers were walking through Germany and their path was blocked by a dark, dense forest. They called it “Silva Nigra”, which means “Black Forest” in their Latin language. The state of Baden Wurttemberg in Southwestern corner has one of Germany’s most beautiful natural landscapes.

    Black Forest Germany


    The German Black Forest region is nearly rectangular in shape with a length of 160 kilometers and breadth of equal to 60 kilometers. The German Black Forest is a mountainous land at about 200-1500 meters above sea level.

    Many people say that they call it the Black Forest Mountains because, in the wooded areas, it seems dark on the mountains from the shadows of all the trees. During the last ice age, the Black Forest was covered with glaciers.

    The German Black Forest includes the Titisee, the Mummelsee and the Feldsee which are the important lakes of natural, freezy origin. One of the most famous places for tourists in the Black Forest is Titisee.

    It is the largest natural lake that lengthens for almost 2 kilometers. According to geological history, the German Black Forest is covered with the sandstone on the top of a core of metaphoric rock.

    Originally, the German Black Forest is a mixed forest of evergreen trees. In the middle of the 19thcentury, the German Black Forest was almost fully deforested by in-depth forestry and was latterly replanted, largely with tidy monocultures.

    There are many historic towns for the tourists in German Black Forest. It includes Altensteig, Schiltach, Gengenbach, Haslach, Baden Baden, Calw, Freiburg, and Staufen. Some of the German Black Forest villages are of 100 years old and have a picturesque shop, churches, and many other buildings.

    Triberg – Germany’s Highest Waterfalls:

    Triberg is famous for Germany’s highest waterfalls. It is located directly on the black forest railway which has a universal fall of 163 meters. The area around the waterfalls entrance is similar to the Disneyland. The countryside around Triberg is remarkable.

    Triberg - Germany’s Highest Waterfalls

    Triberg Waterfalls have three entrances, which are reached by the dint of paths, steps, and footbridges. Tourists from far off lands, come to Triberg and enjoy this outstanding scenic beauty and are amazed at Triberg’s artistic nature.

    German Cuckoo Cock

    German Cuckoo Clock a popular that they have been made in the region. A cuckoo clock is generally a pendulum-regulated clock that hit the hours with a sound and has a robotic cuckoo bird that moves with each note.

    Some move their wings, open and close their beaks while inclining ahead, whereas the other birds, only tilt their body onwards. The system to produce the cuckoo call has persisted almost without contrast till the present.

    The German Cuckoo Clock has been in use since the middle of the 19thcentury. The German Cuckoo clock occurrence and advancement was made in southwestern Germany in the Black Forest.

    From the mid of 1850 and so on, German Cuckoo Clock was exported to the rest of the world. The Cuckoo Clock has now become one of the cultural portrait of Germany and the most favorite memory of travelers in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany.

    Many decades before clock making was established in the German Black Forest in 1629. The first known description of a modern cuckoo clock was encircled by Philipp Hainhofer who was a nobleman of Germany’s oldest cities.

    The cuckoo clock design has now become ordinary. Most of the designs of a cuckoo clock are made in the “traditional style” which is also known as “Carved” which are then hang on a wall.

    In this style, the wooden box is furnished with carved leaves and animals. The clock has a robotic type bird that comes through a small catch door while the clock is visible.

    As the clock strikes, the bird is usually created to act normally by mode of an arm that pushes the back of the carving. German Cuckoo Clock development has turned into box designs and the cuckoo clock actions are produced in the area.

    Now, the German Black Forest Cuckoo Clock has a traditional design. A colored wide square wooden display beyond which all the work of the clock is attached is known as “Shield Clock”.

    The German Cuckoo Clock door is usually an arc of particularly furnished wood which is on the top of the square. In this model, the clockwork is adjoining with no cabinet. The background of the clock industry and of its watchmakers is shown by German Black Forest Museum which is in Furtwangen.

    German Black Forest Cake:

    The English name for the German dessert is German Black Forest Cake. It is a chocolate sponge cake that has a rich cherry filling ground. In this cake, there are usually four layers of mixed cream, cherries and chocolate sponge cake. It is decorated with different eating materials such as chocolate sprinkles, decorating cherries and is frozen with whipped cream.

    German Black Forest Cake

    It is stated by some of the origins that the German Black Forest Cake name has come by the motivation of the customary outfit of the Black Forest region women in which they have a feature of the hat with great, red pom-poms on top called Bollenhut.

    Europe Park in Germany made a record of the world’s largest original German Black Forest Cake that was set at this place. The weight of this cake was 3000 kg and was 10m in diameter. For its formation, almost 40 kg of chocolate sprinkles,700 liters of cream,800 kg of cherries,120 liters of cherry water,5,600 eggs and 800 kg of cherries.

    German Black Forest Honey:

    German Black Forest Honey is a distinctive type of honey. In Europe, German Black Forest honey is examined as a specialty. The characteristics of German Black Forest Honey are its slightly sweet flavor, strong and dark color that is made of sun water droplets. Beas collects the nectar from the sugary dew fruit fly, instead of harvesting the nectar from the flowers themselves.

    German Black Forest Honey

    Honey Dew is the scientific name of German Black Forest honey. This honey is differentiated from the other types of honey in such a way because of lack of monosaccharide’s in it and of its dark color. It also has a specialty containing a high level of anti-oxidants.

    The high level of oxidizing glucose activity in honeydew enriches it as a high antioxidant and antibacterial. There is a high percentage of the mineral, simple sugars, powder, mineral salts and minerals. Its mineral salts include acids, potassium, amino acids, the high percentages of PH and proteins.

    German Black Forest Honey is used for many health remedies as well as in cooking. Honey cures many of the diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, arthritis, bladder infections and for cholesterol level.

    If the arthritis patients take honey daily than if they couldn’t walk or move forward because of arthritis, so they will start walking without pain. It will also eliminate the harmful germs in a bladder.

    According to some information, if we take the pure honey with our food daily so then it will reduce the sickness of cholesterol. Another medical point of view for honey is that it helps in digestion and flow.

    It also helps in treating cough and act as coughing syrup. This point of honey has to be noticed that do not ever boil or microwave honey; as by doing this, heat will kill all the natural enzymes present in it.

    It helps in fastening the healing process; it contains high dosage of anti-oxidant, it increases the body immune system, it cut down the blood sugar level as it is good for diabetes diet program, it restores body stamina,the symptoms of uric acid are calm down by its usage, it reduces the cholesterol level, the stomach ulcers are cured by its use, it strengthens the liver, it neutralizes gastric acid.

    Black Forest Holidays:

    Black Forest Holidays are the most amazing experience that can happen to a German enthusiast or anyone interested in old world life. Hasenhorn Coaster is a famous ride for those with an eye on adventure.

    A person shared his experience and told that a chairlift transported him to the above area and the scenic beauty made him forget that if he falls down from the chairlift then what will happen.

    Black Forest Holidays

    The safety bars are very secure and it doesn’t matter than that how fast you are moving. The coaster’s track is 2.9 km long and the height is almost 30 feet above and with the moving coaster your senses might get numb.

    The Black Forest is an area which is 200 km in length and is situated in the south-west direction of Germany. It’s a tiny rectangular land but what makes it a fascinating treat to watch as it is filled with the diversity of nature. This is the reason why it has become one of the most important holiday destinations for the tourist attraction.

    It is said that hiking was invented here as a fun activity confirms Baden, who collected this information in 1864 when he opened the first tourist guide center. The tracks are filled up with meadows, forests, and lakesides. The Black Forest is a huge playground and the spirit of adventure is teaming in its DNA.

    There are almost 350 hotels near the campsites and adventurous areas and they offer different packages to capture the attention of the tourists.

    A Hochschwarzwald Card can be achieved on the Black Forest Holidays by the tourists if they stay in any of these hotels for two days or more than that. The benefit of this card is that they can get the validity to visit 70 attractions.

    Happy Team Badges are also distributed amongst the successful groups. Delicious dinners and buffet meals are served and different fun loving activities are organized by the teams. Most importantly it’s a fun loving place for kids and they want to visit it again and again.

    Dwarf size tree houses are also present over there. You can crawl into the house to see how well decorated it is. There are so many attractions for them like water slides and camping at night etc. This is a significant place which brings the people of different cultures together in adventurous activities hence breaking the barriers of differences between them.

    Black Forest gateau:

    Black Forest gateau is a British English name for the Black Forest Cake. It is a dessert which is now famous almost all over the world. Even we prefer to cut the Black Forest gateau on the celebrations like birthdays and weddings. It is decorated with red or black cherries on the top.

    Black Forest gateau

    The name of this cake is taken after the tart cherries as it has the cherry pit yummy flavor and delicious ingredients which gives it a distinctive flavor. The mixed textures of cherries, cream, and chocolate sponge make the cake a delight to eat and this very recipe originated back from Germany.

    The several layers of sponge cake are sandwiched with whipped fluffy cream and cherries. The addition of sour cherries adds up to the taste of rum in the cake which makes the customers intoxicated after eating it. Different spirits are made from the dried up sour cherries and vine here is expensive, famous and rich in taste.

    In Asian countries, the Black Forest gateau is prepared without wine because there are mostly Muslim countries and wine is prohibited over there. But this doesn’t decrease the value of the cake in any case. True Black Forest gateau is decorated with black cherries as the color black is made prominent.

    The world record of the largest Black Forest gateau was held in the Europa Park on 16th July 2006. It was organized by K&U Bakery. The gateau was almost 3,000 kg in weight in which 700 liters of whipped cream, 5600 eggs, 800 kg of cherries, 40 kg of chocolate and 120 liters of kirsch was used.

    Black Forest Games:

    Black Forest Games is a company of developing video games and is situated in Offenburg, Germany. They developed a huge variety of games for the kids as well as the adults and there are also such games that can be played between the teams and there are game cafes where they can bet and play.

    Black Forest Games

    People who are best at gaming can also win money by winning the games and there are also bumper prizes for them at times. They wait for the competitions and before that, they are fully involved in practicing at home on Play Station 3 & 4, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

    The game which gained popularity was Arcania: Fall of Setarrif. It was released in 2011 but the Spellbound Entertainment company lost its shares. After the company failed in jolting its powers as before, then established the Black Forest Games was founded by the organizers of Spellbound.

    Luckily, it became so famous that it gained popularity all over Europe and surpassed all the Spellbound assets. The team of 105 members developed a wide range of Black Forest Games series and they are liked by many customers and are being sold like hot cakes.

    Black Forest Food and Specialties:

    The Black Forest region is basically well recognized for its scenic beauty, adventurous activities and spellbound landscapes. The food here is awesome in taste and now the variety of restaurants are there to instill the taste of the different regions including continental foods.

    Even the menus of village guest houses have treats in an offer and the rates are so reasonable and affordable.

    Black Forest Food and Specialties

    Black Forest ham is a specialty of this region which is mostly served in the breakfast along with the light snacks. It is also included in the asparagus dishes of the region.

    Your holiday dining experience along with regional specialties on reasonable rates will be amazing and the specialties include goose liver, Venison Baden, Ring cake, vanilla and poppy seed cake and last but not least the Black Forest cake.

    Black Forest food is very famous for its well-cooked dishes and the garnishing here is amazing. They are mostly fond of eating desserts this is the reason that you will find a huge variety of desserts in the restaurants.

    A Vesper is a fare that can be enjoyed between the meals when you enter this region. It includes homemade dishes like sausages, trout, ham and crusty farmer’s bread.

    All the things are served fresh and it is perfect for digestion. Low amount of salts and spices are used in this region. The local people of Black Forest eat a Vesper instead of the evening meal as they consider it a good enough diet which easily satiates their belly.

    The vines are of great worth and quality. They are available in a rich variety of flavors including Gutedel, Nobling, Riesling, and Kerner. If wine-tasting is your hobby then you can receive the invitation from the villagers to taste the best vintages and experience the huge variety of wine.

    Mostly after taking a Vesper between the meals, people prefer to drink the cocktail alcohol having fruit contents and for generations, it is being created in this area. People here are mostly farmers and are best in the fields.

    They create a variety of tastes which attract the tourist attention. “Zibartle” is also preferred in this region which is made of sloe plums and has a unique rich taste.

    The quality of food and variety in the dishes of the Black Forest food informs us about the high priority of the Black Forest region, that how particular they are in choosing and creating the food items.

    Mostly all the food items are served fresh and are rich in proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates. From highly rated guest houses to small village cottages, there is no compromise in the taste and you can enjoy one vegetable cooked in several varieties of ways.

    Black Forest Winters:

    Black Forest winter season is a treat to watch and it is as fascinating as the summers are. The tourists never surrender to come here in any specific season. The hotels and restaurants are open throughout the year.

    In the Black Forest winters, due to extreme chillness and harsh climate, there is extensive snowfall and mostly the Black Forest trees are covered in snow.

    The wide grasslands are also covered under the thick sheet of snow which makes it a pure winter wonderland.

    Black Forest Winters

    There are numerous slopes, depressions, and hilly areas, where the guests can enjoy skiing and ice skating without any risk in the Black Forest winters. It is a perfect family picnic place in winters. Most of the low mountain ranges are situated near the Black Forest region.

    Two feet snow is quite common here and the region comprises of castles, tiny cottages, and villages. The people here live a simple lifestyle and are very hard working.

    They are very close to nature this is the reason why they don’t like fights and bloodshed. It is the region of peace and tranquility. We feel like the fantasy tales of Hansel and Gretel, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty are created in the Black Forest winters as the effect of this region are so mesmerizing.


    The Black Forest is an amazing region full of the touches of a fantasy world as we have discussed. It is blessed by so many amazing features which not only inspire the youngsters but also the adults. It is surrounded by the Rhine Valley from the western and southern sides.

    Feldsburg is its highest peak which has the elevation of 1, 493 meters. The hills here mostly form plateaus near the Black Forest Foothills.

    The mountain ranges descend on the northern and eastern sides. The main catchment area is situated in the Central Black Forest whereas the Southeastern Black Forest contains the catchments of the upper areas.

    The people here are very welcoming and friendly and the environment is very peaceful. People mostly come here in vacations to enjoy in this heavenly place.

    It surpasses in every category, whether we talk about the food, hotels, desserts or decoration pieces. You must visit the Black Forest area in Germany to experience the unbelievable divine feeling.

    German Nutcrackers and The Nutcracker Ballet

    German Nutcrackers and The Nutcracker Ballet

    2018 Holidays Gift Ideas

    German Nutcrackers and The Nutcracker Ballet


    This is a story on how I discovered German nutcrackers. I found them as a great remembrance of my childhood. They are always there as I grow up.

    My story started this way. I was not a very good dancer. I took several ballet classes when I was a child but when my mom saw my dancing skills, she finally said, that’s it.

    She suggested other passions. It did not affect me much and I know that sometimes, it is better to appreciate dance than actually performing it.

    I’m now an adult, and something has changed me when I saw the Nutcracker ballet for the first time.

    I saw my first Nutcracker ballet when I was 14. I was hooked up with Clara and her classic Nutcracker story. When I close my eyes, I can still see the beautiful snow-covered trees and the charming characters in the ballet.

    That December, I saw more than 300 children and adults performing as lambs, cooks, cherubs, mice, and a lot more in the party scene. I was mesmerized and hooked up.

    Nutcracker ballet

    I can imagine myself having my own castle and prince charming while watching the show. The dedicated costumes, delicate bead works, gowns, and fairy outfits were more than I can handle.

    Tchaikovsky’s score which permeated the night made the lights seem to grow a little brighter. My imagination was in chaos and I was transported into a different world. I watched the show with my mother.

    When the show was finished, I was still affected by the magic. It didn’t take long before I discovered one of the soldier nutcrackers displayed in a glass window of a store.

    I thought that buying a German nutcracker will make my Christmas a great success. I thought that it is the icing on the cake.

    Seeing a German nutcracker soldier standing straight from the window shop reminds me of the magical ballet.This is why on my very first Christmas after watching the Nutcracker, I bought it immediately.

    My First German Nutcracker Soldier

    I was thinking what kind of uniform will be perfect. I had the option to choose among blue, green, red and pink hand-painted nutcrackers inside the shop.

    I wanted to buy more than one, but since I was a teenager, I didn’t have that much money. Besides, my decision to buy a nutcracker was impulsive. I was on a budget and I needed to buy gifts for mum and dad for Christmas.

    I decided to choose a wooden red and black-uniformed nutcracker soldier. It has a snowy white beard and on its right hand, it carries a pistol. I find it cute and charming.


    There are a couple of them standing on the store racks. I decided to buy the nearest one. I went home feeling proud with my very first Nutcracker.

    I even tried to crack a walnut using it. I was actually surprised when it crushed the nuts easily when I used the lever behind.

    My Christmas couldn’t be happier. I had watched a ballet and got myself an authentic German nutcracker.

    History of Nutcrackers

    Where do nutcrackers actually come from?

    Nutcrackers are little men that call to mind the first trips to the ballet and sugarplum fairies.

    For my mother, the act of getting nutcrackers from her closet means that Christmas is in the air.

    She is not into obsessive collecting but she has over 50 Nutcracker soldiers that she arranges at our living room.

    My mom creates a little village of Nutcrackers inside our house.

    • She arranges them in neat little rows while Christmas carols are playing on the air.
    • The fishermen and the cheesemonger figurines are normally displayed in the kitchen.
    • The Santa Claus can normally be found near the Christmas trees.
    • Finally, all the characters of “The Nutcracker Ballet and the Mouse King” are placed near my grandmother’s silverware.

    In a sense, none of the nutcracker soldiers actually belong to my mother. She has given these nutcrackers as gifts to all of us including our father. My grandmother used to repeat the story every day about how she used to take her young daughter to the ballet.

    For the first time, when my mother was 14 years old, she saw a nutcracker soldier grinning at her. She noticed immediately the angry and sour expression of the soldier and she took it home.

    When she had her own children, my mother began collecting nutcrackers for me and my two brothers. One day, my brother went home and he found the strange doll inside his room.

    The Nutcracker was moved downstairs and it began an annual tradition that everyone in the family follows.

    History of German Nutcrackers

    • These dolls were originally made in Germany.
    • They were made of Lynden wood which is abundant in the Black Forest.
    • The wood is easy to carve, and it resembles the human skin color perfectly.

    The history began when the Ore Mountains ran out of silver, copper, and more resources.

    The people who mine for a living must search for another source of income.

    Since the wood is plenty in their place, they decide to be woodworkers.

    Generations of excellent craftsmen emerged and created nutcracker wooden toys for a living.

    When the American soldiers were stationed in Germany during World War II, they brought home cuckoo clocks, beer steins, and nutcrackers for their families.

    The nutcrackers can actually crack nuts without losing their form or shape.

    At first, the dolls were not specifically Christmas-themed. It is nearly impossible to determine where they took on a seasonal significance.

    Myths About Nutcracker Dolls

    One popular myth about German nutcrackers tells about a rich lonely farmer.

    He found the process of cracking nuts to be too much of a hassle.

    He decided to give a prize to whoever can come up with the best solution of cracking the nuts without too much work.

    • A soldier suggested that he will shoot the nuts.
    • A carpenter suggested using a saw to crack the nuts open.
    • Finally, the puppet maker won by making a lever-mouthed strong-jawed doll that can crack the nut effortlessly. 

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