Cuckoo Clock of the Year
The most special clocks that are manufactured in the Black Forest have the chance to participate in the annual “Black Forest Clock of the Year” competition. In this competition, the major workshops present their most elaborate model of the year, while a popular vote decides which becomes the “Clock of the Year”.

Usually, the clocks are displayed in a public museum for a while, where the visitors can examine the clocks and choose their favorite. The collection of the Black Forest Clock of the Year is a demonstration of the stunning craftsmanship, design and mechanical engineering that the Black Forest region is known for.

The competition is organized by the Black Forest Clock Association (VdS). This association has seventy members: Manufacturers, supplier and clock dealers. They all have one goal in common: To ensure the high quality standards that one expects from a Black Forest clock. When you purchase a Black Forest clock that comes with the original certificate of the association, you can be sure to have received an authentic piece made in the Black Forest.

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