Gérard Depardieu: One Case Dismissed – Two Still Ongoing

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Gérard Depardieu: A Case Dismissed and Two Ongoing Investigations

Renowned French actor Gérard Depardieu has recently faced controversy, with a documentary film documenting his vulgar and sexist comments during a trip to North Korea. This caused significant damage to his reputation as an actor. Apart from this, Depardieu is currently under investigation for two cases of alleged rape, one of which involves actress Arnould.

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Support from France’s President Emmanuel Macron

“I do not regret at all having referred to the presumption of innocence in the case of an artist,” said French President Emmanuel Macron during a press conference last week, despite facing criticism for supporting Depardieu. However, he expressed regret for not emphasizing the importance of listening to the statements of women who have been victims of violence.”

In December, Macron had previously come to Depardieu’s defense, highlighting that France could be “proud” of the actor.

An Ongoing Legal Process

The legal proceedings surrounding Gérard Depardieu continue, with one case being dismissed, while investigations into the other two cases of alleged rape are ongoing. It remains to be seen how these investigations will unfold and what the final outcome will be in terms of Depardieu’s legal situation.

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