How to maintain your cuckoo clock?

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Maintaining, Servicing, and Repairing Your Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

When shopping at the Cuckoo Forest you know you are getting an authentic VDS certified clock from the Black Forest region. When shopping online there are plenty of fake cuckoo clocks, but having the VDS certificate helps you to be sure what you are purchasing is authentic.

We only sell authentic cuckoo clocks produced in this region. There are also service stations located around the world that people can go to that are run by VDS remembers, giving you another reason to shop for these authentic products. Should you need a repair, it will be much quicker and easier for you.

Shipping and Installing Your Cuckoo Clock

You have to be very careful when shipping a cuckoo clock, as you do not want to damage the various elements of the clock, such as the chains or the figurines. When shipping, first remove the pendulum. Always make sure the clock chains are pulled up and secure them with a piece of string. You do not want the chains to get twisted or for them to fall off of the inner wheels.

Additionally, place a piece of paper in the spiral gong of the clock. Be sure to add a lot of padding (such as newspapers) to secure the clock in place in the shipment box. Do not use small packing elements like peanuts as they could get stuck inside the clock.

Place the clock and the wrapped pendulum in a box. Most of the time, you will not need to ship your weights with the clock (unless you are shipping the clock to a friend). If shipping back to the store for service, include your personal information such as your name, address, email address, and phone number. If there are any numbers on your weights, include this information as well. 

Be sure to consult your user manual when installing your new cuckoo clock. Keep the box your clock arrived in case you ever need to use it to ship your clock back. There are a few main points to keep in mind when installing your clock, but always consult your manual before beginning the installation process.

First, it is important that you select a secure wall to mount your clock on. Authentic cuckoo clocks can weigh a significant amount (some are over 20 pounds), so be sure to find a solid stud in the wall and use that for mounting.

You also need to have plenty of space (as much as 6 feet) below your clock in order to have room for your chains and weights to hang freely. Make sure that you do not turn your clock upside down. This can cause your chains to fall off of the wheels of the clock.


Thankfully, there is not a lot of regular maintenance involved with a cuckoo clock. These clocks are well-designed and handmade, which results in a quality product that is meant to last for numerous years.

To extend the life of your clock, it is recommended that you have your clock professionally cleaned and oiled every 3-5 years. This should be performed by a genuine clockmaker and will help your mechanical movements last longer. Movements are made to last for 30 years or more, and regular maintenance can help extend that several more years.

Warranty and Repairs

All of our Black Forest clocks come with a 24-month warranty for mechanical parts. It is rare to experience an issue with your clock, but should a problem arise, we will work with you to solve the problem and get your clock back to perfect working order.

Once your warranty has expired, you have several options for getting your clock repaired. You can contact your local clockmaker for help servicing your clock, but should you need replacement parts, you will likely have to go online to find them. Feel free to visit our website or the website of your clock’s manufacturer. You may also consider going to a website such as which specializes in clock parts. If you have a VDS certified clock, you can also contact a VDS service partner in your area. 



Make sure you consult your user manual when unpacking and installing your clock. If you are still unable to get the sound elements to work, check these elements:

1. Check the bellows inside the clock and make sure the clamps have not been removed

2. Is the cuckoo’s door unlocked? If not, the call will not sound. There is a piece of wire that secures the door for shipping purposes. Make sure that wire is pushed to the side.

3. If you have a night shut-off clock, make sure the clock isn’t set to shut off mode. This is the most common reason why clocks will not sound. Find the location of your switch (typically either on the left side of the clock or underneath the clock) and make sure it is fully in the on position.


This does not mean there is a problem with your cuckoo, but rather with the minute hand of your clock. All you need to do is reposition the hand to the proper time. Loosen the nut holding the hand in place, adjust the hand, and retighten the nut.


This does not mean there is a problem with your cuckoo, but rather with the hour hand of your clock. You can set your hour hand by pulling at the hand shaft. Pull the hand at the attachment point and pull it towards the minute hand. Once it is loose, reposition the hand to the correct hour and push it back in place towards the dial. Keep pushing until it’s tight. For wooden hands, you might need to use a tiny amount of super glue to attach the hand again.


This is a common problem that is usually addressed in your user manual in the initial set up section. The time for your clock is determined by the clock’s pendulum. Should you need to adjust a clock that is too fast, move the pendulum disc down. For a slow running clock, move the disc up. A 1/8 inch movement is equal to 3 minutes.


This most likely means you need to adjust your clock on the wall. If the pendulum is not able to freely swing, this can result in the clock stopping. Make sure you hear the constant ticking sound of the clock. Slight movements left or right should get the clock to start ticking again.


This is usually an issue with the wire located at the back of the clock. Open the clock from the back and you will see the wire that goes from the bellows (which produce the call) up to the cuckoo bird. This wire isn’t connected to the cuckoo but should stop under its tail. However, during shipping, the wire might get pushed above the cuckoo which would block the door. If that is the case, simply turn the wire so it is back in a place where it needs to be under the tail.


A chain is off a wheel if the weights drop to the floor. This will require you to remove all your weights and pull your chains all the way up. Make sure you tie the chains with wire or string up near the bottom of the case so that they all do not fall off their wheels.

Remove the clock from the wall and open it from behind. Turn the clock upside down to try and get the chain back on the wheel again.

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