How To Visit Black Forest On A Budget

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Have you ever wanted to visit the site that inspired the Brothers Grimm fairy tales?

I know I have and they say that place is none other none other than the Black Forest.

It sounds like something out of an episode of Once doesn’t it?

Well, the name was enough to captivate me.

So I looked more into Germany. It was just so beautiful to see enchanting fairytale forests, coo-coo clocks, and castles upon beautiful hills.

What kid wouldn’t want to pay a visit to fairy tale forests and beautiful hills?

Who wouldn’t want to be able to see stunning handcrafted cuckoo clocks?

I know my kids would.

So how could you get to the Black Forest on a budget?

Well, it is important to know that the off-season in Germany is from November – March. Therefore, flying into Germany will be cheaper during these months. If you do opt to fly then I would suggest that you fly into London, and then from there, you can take one of the many European air carriers such as Ryanair or Flybe. Unless you would rather explore a bit and if this were the case than you could simply take a train to Germany. If you would rather fly in directly to Germany then I would suggest that you go to Frankfurt or Berlin since they are also typically less expensive to fly into from the US than other German cities.

Where to stay?

To be honest with you Black Forest Germany is very budget friendly when it comes to hotels. They have several hotels at very reasonable prices. Below are a few of the ones that stood out to me.

Berggasthof & Hotel Brend cuckoo clock
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Berggasthof & Hotel Brend prices start at $60 a night

Hotel an der Sonne cuckoo clock
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Hotel a der Sonne prices start at $55

However, if these options are a bit more than you are willing to spend for a place to stay you can find cheaper accommodations. They are known as hostel dorm rooms.

Have you ever heard of these?

I had not until now but they are available for 10-30 EUR per night. Not bad for anyone who is trying to save a few bucks.


Europe is well-known as a budget travel destination. It is also known for its ease of transportation once you are there. I would suggest that you try regional trains or buses because they are very affordable especially if you purchase a daily or weekly city transportation card. These are great ways to see the sights. You can also rent a bike if you would like this is a great option for anyone who is wanting to enjoy the breeze.


Now, trying new foods is something that everyone wants to do when they are traveling. The best way to save money and experience all there is to try is to eat your meals from the street vendors can offer the best budget meal for under 5 EUR. When in the Black Forest you must try the Black Forest Cake. It is amazingly sweet! It is also a good idea to try some other traditional German specialties like Bratwurst, Kartoffelsalat or Currywurst are delicious ways to experience local culture and only cost around 3-5 EUR.

What to do when in the Black Forest?

Now any traveler can tell you that activities and attractions are usually what they spend the most money on. However, there are good deals out there what you need to take advantage of such as guided tours or riverboat cruises. These are a great way to spend some time as well a good budget activity. They will cost about 25 EUR, however, some do run more.

  • Exploring on your own is a great way to give you an idea of the main sights you want to go back to.  I might also suggest that you check out any museums in a city that interest you. Most of the times they have a certain day of the week or time period where they offer free admission. This would be a plus for you.
  • Hiking is a great way to explore the enchanting outdoor region, like the Black Forest or Berchtesgaden National Park. Spending an afternoon having a picnic and hiking in one of the many beautiful Germany’s parks is a great way to have fun and save money.

There are many ways to enjoy the Black Forest on a budget. Hope you don’t forget to stop by and enjoy the Coo coo clocks. They are just stunning. If you would be interested in traveling to the Black Forest look me up I can help you out [email protected].

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Lisa Marie Ochoa lives in San Antonio Texas with her family. They love exploring the world around them and looking for new adventures. She is always looking for ways to save and maximize traveling. If you would like to read more about their adventures follow them on their blog www.travelingwithkidz.com Lisa is also a travel agent and can help you with setting up your next adventure email her at [email protected] for your free quote today.

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