German Nutcracker

Functional smoker ornaments from reputed manufacturing houses in Germany are some of the most appreciated gifts and souvenirs for friends and loved ones, especially during Christmas. The little wooden smoker figurines never fail to brighten up surroundings with their colorful and charming looks, and continue to play important roles as incense holders in Christian celebrations like Epiphany. The demand for authentic wooden German incense burners is on the rise as more and more discerning customers seek them out for their excellent workmanship and design as well as for their ability to produce the most wonderful fragrances in living spaces.


German Nutcracker

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German Nutcracker INFORMATION

Nutcrackers that Crack Nuts

What’s in a name? Everything! That’s why Cuckoo Forest deals exclusively in ‘real nutcrackers’ that are built for cracking nuts. We source the most authentic and attractive traditional, classic, and Christmas nutcracker icons from trusted manufacturers in Germany because we understand the pride of place these colorful and whimsical characters have come to command in your hearts and homes.


Nutcracker toys from fairy tales make ideal gifts for children. This nutcracker’s natural wood finish makes the product very elegant in appearance!

Common Characters for German Nutcracker

The market for German nutcrackers in the US skyrocketed after performances of the Nutcracker Ballet in the 1950s. Nutcracker characters like soldiers, Santas, bakers, clockmakers, carpenters, and an array of others were quickly snapped up as souvenirs, collector’s items, and gifts for friends and family. Even today, enthusiasts can’t resist the urge to add to their collections every time they see new additions in department stores and Christmas markets because nutcrackers have become beloved keepsakes and symbols of goodwill to many in this nation.

Toy soldiers are some of the best-loved nutcracker toys, which is no surprise considering the enduring popularity of the Nutcracker Ballet.

Functional Nutcrackers from Germany vs. Knock-off Nutcrackers

We, however, believe that nutcrackers shouldn’t be mere keepsakes and symbols left lying on shelves or in boxes to be dusted off and used as pretty ornaments on Christmas trees once a year. We’d like to see more of them being utilized as handy pantry nutcracking implements and as functional centerpieces on dining tables but, unfortunately, many customers complain that they crack more nutcrackers than nuts every time they try to use them! Blame it on the flood of cheap and spurious products that have flooded the market over the years, but please don’t let it deter you from learning about, and enjoying the benefits of the sturdy and authentic German nutcracker.


This Santa nutcracker with his array of candy would be wasted on a shelf or on a Christmas tree. His rightful place is on a coffee table in front of a roaring fire, with loads of nuts for cracking and steaming mugs of cocoa!

The Origin of Wooden Nutcracker Toys

Colorful and sturdy nutcracker dolls were designed and built in the mountainous region of Erzgebirge, Germany, hundreds of years ago for the exclusive purpose of cracking nuts, and that’s just what they did for many years. Cracking the hard outer shells of walnuts, pecans, brazil nuts, or any nuts for that matter, became quite effortless in the wooden jaws of tough little Erzgebirge nutcracker toys. Centuries later, the selfsame high-quality products are still being handcrafted and hand-painted by German artisans and sourced by companies like ours which are dedicated to promoting and distributing genuine nutcrackers that are as functional as they are beautiful.


Nutcracker kings were some of the oldest designs on German nutcrackers, and are still very popular as collector’s items.

We take our business seriously because we know how much joy, tradition, and nostalgia are wrapped up in these splendid wooden toys. The features, functionality, material, and manufacturers of our entire nutcracker range are of prime importance to Cuckoo Forest because our customers trust us to provide them with nutcrackers that are uncompromising in design, appearance, performance, and durability.

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