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August Schwer Luxury 8-Day Handcrafted Black Forest Huge Carving Clock with Eagle and Fox Family Music and Dancing Figurines

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This magnificent cuckoo clock is one of the most exclusive and rare models of cuckoo clocks from the August Schwer range–the contemporary ‘magnum opus’ of this brilliant Black Forest clockmaker. It will definitely become the centerpiece of attention in the finest of homes and in the most elegant of gatherings with its absolutely imposing height and appearance. Standing tall at 37 inches, it’s a visual rhapsody of Black Forest scenery and color that will immediately enrapture anyone seeing it.

It is so special and complex in design and construction that it’s produced only when individual customer orders are placed with the company. The best and most experienced Black Forest master carver is commissioned to perform the important and painstaking task of constructing this clock because it demands the highest quality of skill and workmanship.

The most striking image at the top of the clock is the majestic eagle with its pinions outstretched and gimlet eyes overlooking the forest scene below. To its sides and rear are fantastic painted carvings of the tall green fir trees that are found in abundance in the region. The base of the clock is dedicated to a delightful fox family of father, vixen, and fox pup in the forest undergrowth. This touching scene discloses the dynamics of the fox clan as the parents are known to share the responsibility of caring for their young. The handsome couple in the carving seems to be keeping a sharp eye out for any potential dangers to their adorable offspring. They are surrounded by authentic-looking painted sculptings of saplings, shrubs, and a sawn tree trunk that are commonly found in this type of terrain.

The entire display on the clock front dramatically captures the moment where the eagle has spotted the pup and is about to swoop down for the kill, while the pup’s guardians are completely oblivious to the imminent danger that lurks above them–a scene that is a familiar reality in the Black Forest. The three-dimensional hand-painted carvings make the entire forest scene vividly come alive in this extremely unusual timepiece.

The clock dial is a work of art with its vintage and contrasting two-toned look. The clock also contains an exceptionally high-quality Swiss music box manufactured by Reuge. Exquisitely crafted and handpainted traditional dancing figurines rotate to the merry sounds of the music box at the full and half hour, bringing completeness to a true time-keeping masterpiece.

This clock is the most outstanding example of the legendary craftsmanship that goes into the making of every August Schwer clock. With almost 300 years of experience behind the name, the company continues to maintain the highest standards of design, craftsmanship, and reliability that continue to satisfy customers around the world.

Handcrafted by August Schwer, Black Forest Clock Factory, Schoenwald, Black Forest, Germany

Details of this cuckoo clock:
8-Day movement/running time (mechanical)
High-quality regular movement
Night shut-off
Wooden dial, hands, cuckoo, and pendulum
Music function and dancing figurines
High-quality Swiss-made Reuge music box with two tunes: Happy Wanderer and Edelweiss
Premium model with a 5-year warranty
High-quality long-life components: real hinge on the cuckoo door, wooden knob on night shut-off
VdS certified

Shipping Carrier Supported

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37 inches tall, 26.8 inches wide, 10.3 inches deep, Includes two 44.4 ounce weights,


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