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VdS Clock of the Year 2007 Winner Gutach Valley Pony Ranch August Schwer 8-Day Handcrafted Black Forest Music Cuckoo Clock Farmer and Family Ponies Deer Dancing Figurines Bell Tower Swinging Fire Bell


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Every year, visitors to the Black Forest Museum (Vogtsbauernhöfe in Gutach) are entitled to vote for the most outstanding clock of their choice from a selection of premium quality models submitted by all cuckoo clock manufacturers in the region. This showpiece, entitled Gutach Valley Pony Ranch, beat all other entries to clinch the prestigious Cuckoo Clock for the Year Award 2007 presented by the Black Forest Clock Association. Its astounding attention to detail and the magnificence of craftsmanship are apparent in every part of its large and impressive frame, meriting every accolade it continues to receive both locally and internationally.

The scenic Gutach Valley in the central Black Forest region is the setting for this stunning creation that captures the essence of the magical woodlands as well as the charming culture of its people. Its large clock front presents a wide-angle picture of a pony farm with its chalet and inhabitants that’s inimitable in design and execution. The embellishments on the chalet house are typically Black Forest in style and absolutely functional in every aspect starting from its spreading shingled roof that slopes to the front and sides that was designed for insulation from the harsh alpine winters. Quaint miniature attic windows, a chimney stack, and a bell tower protrude from it, just like they did in most traditional forest farmhouses. The area under the gables, including the attic and balcony, was utilized by enterprising farmers as additional living space for their families as well as storage space for animal fodder. Since farmsteads were usually isolated from each other, fire towers with bells (like the one seen on the roof) were an essential requirement in case distant neighbors had to be summoned in emergencies. The beauty of the rustic walnut-toned lodge is further enhanced by its decorative paneling and extensive balconies, pretty curtained windows and minute flower boxes, distinct stonework at its base, and the very unusual feature of a wooden staircase on the left.

The base of the clock is virtually covered with rich details of the pony farm–sculpted and handpainted figurines of the farmer and his wife and daughter in traditional villlage attire, ponies, and a grazing deer in lifelike posture are placed amongst colorful replicas of lush forest greenery, structures, and equipment to recreate the refreshing and tranquil aura that has characterized the famous Gutach Valley and its people for centuries. The finest artisans at August Schwer have spared no effort in designing, carving, and hand painting these replicas on this award-winning timepiece as an enduring representation of the legendary Black Forest.

A delightful animation “extra” is the farmer’s wife who rings the fire bell whenever the clock strikes the hour, plus, charming little village children add to the vibrancy of the moment as they rotate to the lively strains of the music box. This highly desirable collectible comes with the firm guarantee of quality and satisfaction from one of Germany’s most respected clock manufacturers.

Handcrafted by August Schwer, Black Forest Clock Factory, Schoenwald, Black Forest, Germany

Details of this cuckoo clock:
High-quality wooden and hand-painted figurines and decorative elements
Wooden dial, hands, pendulum, and August Schwer exclusive life-like cuckoo
8-Day movement/running time (mechanical)
High-quality Regula movement
Night shut-off
Premium model with antique-style chains, wooden knob on night shut-off, real hinge on cuckoo door, long-life, nickel-plated chime spring
High-quality Reuge Swiss music box with two melodies: Edelweiss and Happy Wanderer
5-year warranty
VdS certified

Shipping Carrier Supported

Country of Origin

Clock Certification

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22.8 inches tall (16.9 without tower), 18.5 inches wide, 10.6 inches deep, Includes three 44.4 ounce weights, Color: walnut


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