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VdS Clock of the Year 2009 Winner Goat Peter’s Farm August Schwer 8-Day Handcrafted Timber Frame Black Forest Music Cuckoo Clock Farmer Child Farm Animals Dancing Figurines

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The annual Black Forest Clock Association (VdS) Award for the Cuckoo Clock of the Year 2009 was presented to August Schwer for this masterpiece entitled Goat Peter’s Farm. Every year, the Association organizes a competition for the most outstanding timepiece from the region, and in 2009, visitors to the Technik Museum Speyer had the privilege of voting for their preference from the many clocks on display, and this brilliant and all-encompassing depiction of a Black Forest Farmhouse garnered the most amount of votes for the highly coveted annual trophy. A true collector’s item in every way, this clock is outstanding for its meticulous attention to the thousand and one forest farmhouse details that have been elaborately woven into its impressive frame.

August Schwer has produced a brilliantly carved snapshot of a typical day in the life of the Black Forest woodsman embellished with replicas of the farmer and his son, farm animals, and various features of estate surroundings. In fact, the clock takes its name from the charming figurine of the little boy and his pet. The construction of the miniature chalet and its two adjacent buildings realistically mirror an old traditional farmhouse in design. The individually carved shingled roof of the farmhouse has its characteristic low slope to the front and sides, attic windows, and a prominent bell tower on top of it–fire bells on farmhouses were used to summon neighbors on farmsteads that were situated some miles away.

Built according to the popular German timber frame style, the chalet is a beautiful and charming miniature of the cozy dwellings that foresters built for their families. The upper floor with its balcony and attic was utilized as living space for the family, and storage space for animal fodder. Pretty little windows, decorative paneling, and contrasting color tones make the chalet a highly attractive one. To the left is an annex that represents the extensions made by farmers to accommodate expanding families or as additional storage space, and to the right is a replica of a chapel with its own chapel bell. This was quite a common feature on most farms since distant chapels couldn’t be reached during the long winter seasons. The two annexes are rather unique since they are individual units separated from the main chalet, and not joined to it as in the case of most other models.

The bottom of the clock brims with detail and atmosphere as familiar woodland sculptings cover every part of its extremely generous base. The handpainted figurines of a woodsman taking a well-earned break from harvesting hay, a child relaxing with his pet goat, and barnyard animals in realistic stances are masterly contributions from the most experienced artisans in the field. All around them lie rich examples of the life and culture of villagers (a table laden with local delicacies, wagon carts, pretty trellised fences, garden seats, and farm implements), and nostalgic reminders of the mysterious beauty of the deep forest with its lush evergreens and shrubs.

The paneled balcony is entirely devoted to the intricately sculpted dancing figurine couples in traditional Black Forest costumes who gracefully rotate to the sounds of the music box whenever the clock chimes the hour, adding the final touches of animation to this truly outstanding work of art. This award-winning clock comes to you with the Black Forest VdS guarantee that ensures you of timeless years of excellent performance and satisfaction.

Handcrafted by August Schwer, Black Forest Clock Factory, Schoenwald, Black Forest, Germany

Details of this cuckoo clock:
High-quality wooden and hand-painted figurines and decorative elements
Wooden dial, hands, pendulum, and August Schwer exclusive life-like cuckoo
8-Day movement/running time (mechanical)
High-quality Regula movement
Night shut-off
Premium model with antique-style chains, wooden knob on night shut-off, real hinge on cuckoo door, long-life, nickel-plated chime spring
High-quality Reuge Swiss music box with two melodies: Edelweiss and Happy Wanderer
5-year warranty
VdS certified

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Clock Certification

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21.65 inches tall (18.5 without tower), 30.71 inches wide, 11.02 inches deep, Includes three 44.4 ounce weights, Color: walnut


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