Strengthening Democracy in Saxony through Enhanced Citizen Dialogue

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Katja Meier Launches Campaign to Strengthen Democracy in Saxony

Justizministerin Katja Meier (Minister of Justice) has announced a campaign aimed at strengthening democracy in Saxony, Germany. The initiative aims to give citizens more voice and participation in decision-making processes.

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Countering Anti-Democratic Tendencies

In an effort to counter anti-democratic tendencies, Katja Meier, a member of the Green Party and the Minister of Justice in Saxony, has taken a proactive stance. She believes that the threat to democracy must be addressed and resolved using all possible means.

A Campaign for Citizen Participation

Katja Meier emphasized the need for more collaboration and cooperation in order to protect democracy. “We need to strengthen civic engagement and enable more participation from the people of Saxony. It’s crucial to prevent legitimate protests and criticism from being undermined or misused,” stated Meier. The campaign aims to provide an alternative to manipulation, disinformation, and populism. It will inform, empower, and encourage citizens to get involved, while also highlighting successful projects throughout Saxony, particularly in communities and smaller municipalities.

Four Pillars of the Campaign

The campaign “Bürgerbeteiligung” (Citizen Participation) is built upon four pillars:

  1. Plakatkampagne (Poster Campaign): A visual campaign through posters
  2. Media and Advertisement: Promotion through various media channels, including cinemas and public transportation
  3. Internet Portal: A central platform at “” to provide information and encourage participation
  4. Workshops: Interactive workshops to foster dialogue and find democratic solutions at the local level

The Saxon Participation Prize

As part of the campaign, a Saxon Participation Prize will be awarded. The prize, totaling 36,000 euros, will be given in three categories. This initiative aims to recognize and celebrate individuals or groups that have made significant contributions to citizen participation and democracy in Saxony.

Public Response and Recent Protests

The announcement of the campaign comes in the wake of recent protests in Saxony against right-wing extremism. More than 100,000 people took to the streets, with Dresden witnessing its largest demonstration in years, attracting over 30,000 participants. Leipzig and Chemnitz also had significant turnouts of 60,000 and 12,000 people respectively. Smaller towns and cities also saw considerable participation. The protests serve as a reminder that silence is not an option, as expressed by a representative of Fridays For Future, “We must take a stand… We understand that remaining silent is not an option.”

“We need to strengthen civic engagement and enable more participation from the people of Saxony.”

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