Why Pirna’s Newly Elected Mayor is Delaying the Start of His Term

by | Jan 26, 2024 | Black Forest Journal | 0 comments

Warum Pirnas neu gewählter Oberbürgermeister sein Amt erst später antritt

Pirna City
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According to a recent news report from Pirna, Tim Lochner from the right-wing party AfD, who has been newly elected as the Mayor, has decided to postpone the beginning of his term. The current incumbent, Klaus-Peter Hanke, will extend his time in office by a few days to accommodate Lochner’s request for a fresh start at the beginning of a week.

Lochner, who is set to become Pirna’s next Oberbürgermeister, has officially informed the City Hall that he intends to take office on the 26th of February. This decision has sparked curiosity and intrigue among the residents of Pirna.

“Since 2010, Klaus-Peter Hanke, an independent candidate, has held the position of Oberbürgermeister in Pirna for two full terms, a total of 14 years. Hanke succeeded Markus Ulbig, who was called to serve as the Minister of the Interior for Saxony. In 2017, Hanke was re-elected in the first round of voting, solidifying his position as the city’s leader.”

With Hanke’s extended tenure and Lochner’s delayed assumption of office, Pirna finds itself in a transition period. This presents an opportunity for the city to reflect on the achievements and challenges of the outgoing mayor while eagerly anticipating the fresh perspective and ideas that Lochner will bring to the table.

The decision by Tim Lochner to postpone his start date clearly demonstrates his desire for a smooth beginning and a well-prepared agenda. It showcases his commitment to the responsibilities that come with the role of Oberbürgermeister.

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