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August Schwer 8-Day Handcrafted Music Black Forest Farm with Backboard Cuckoo Clock Work Horse Woodsman and Dog Turning Mill Wheel Dancing Figurines


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The aesthetic effect of this stunning timepiece against its ancillary background is sure to make it the showpiece of any living area.This magnificent Black Forest farm cuckoo clock comes to you with its own elegant backboard as well as other amazing features not usually seen in models of this category, making it the ideal choice for collectors and connoisseurs of discriminating taste. The backboard’s bold, irregular outline highlights the beautiful antique-style dial and the scenery of a highly authentic forest farm and its inhabitants.

A defining characteristic of traditional Black Forest lodges that’s clearly visible here is its wide, sloping shingled roof that was designed centuries ago by farmers to insulate their families and livestock from the harsh winter cold. The bell tower with its bell, too, were familiar sights on rooftops of old farmhouses since bell-ringing was resorted to if neighbors far away had to be called to help out in case of fire or other emergencies.

The space under the gable, as demonstrated in this rare model, contains an extra floor with an extended balcony which was used as accommodation for the family as well as storage space for the large amounts of fodder needed to get the livestock through the long alpine winters. Owing to the unusual construction of this story, the cuckoo and cuckoo house in this model have been ingeniously designed to bridge the gap between the clock front and the extended paneling of the upper part of the clock house.

At the base of the clock are the exquisitely detailed hand carved figurines of a woodsman and his harnessed workhorse in true to life stances. These extraordinarily fine replicas are symbolic of the ongoing synergy between Black Forest farmers and their work horses that extends way back to the early fifteenth century. All around them are intricate three-dimensional carvings of lush greenery and farm implements that create nostalgic memories of charming alpine farmhouses and their inhabitants. The delightful animated figurines on the balcony, and the familiar mill wheel rotate to the merry strains of the Swiss music box whenever the clock chimes the hour.

The polished backboard has its own delicately carved embellishments of evergreens and other items that complement the elegance of the timepiece. Although the clock can be bought with or without this accessory, it is recommended that both be purchased in order to enjoy the overall effect of a timeless classic that comes to you with the firm guarantee of design, craftsmanship, and quality from Germany’s award-winning cuckoo clock manufacturer.

Handcrafted by August Schwer, Black Forest Clock Factory, Schoenwald, Black Forest, Germany

Details of this cuckoo clock:
Wooden and hand-painted figurines and decorative elements
Wooden dial, hands, pendulum, and August Schwer life-like wooden cuckoo
8-Day movement/running time (mechanical)
High-quality Regula movement
Night shut-off
Premium model with antique-style chains, wooden knob on night shut-off, real hinge on cuckoo door (optical and mechanical improvement)
High-quality Swiss Reuge music box with two melodies: Edelweiss and Happy Wanderer
5-year warranty
VdS certified


Shipping Carrier Supported

Country of Origin

Clock Certification

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27.2 inches tall, 18.8 inches wide, 12 inches deep, Includes three 44.4 ounce weights, Color: walnut

30-day No Question Asked Return Policy. Item must be in original packaging.

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