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VdS Cuckoo Clock of the Year 2004 Winner Gutshof August Schwer 8-Day Handcrafted Black Forest Farmer’s Wife Oompah Band Farmyard Animals Dancing Figurines Bell Tower Swinging Fire Bell

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This amazing creation by August Schwer was granted the highly coveted Award for the Cuckoo Clock of the Year 2004 by the Black Forest Association (VdS) for its remarkably authentic display of a traditional forest farmhouse and its surroundings in brilliant detail and craftsmanship. Every year, clockmakers from the region submit entries to the Black Forest Museum (Vogtsbauernhöfe in Gutach), where visitors are entitled to vote for the most outstanding clock of their choice. The 2004 winning entry that outshone all competition was this brilliant miniature reconstruction of a popular German woodland village scene.

The four animated figurines and their instruments on this cuckoo clock have been meticulously hand-sculpted and handpainted to replicate the talented bands of musicians who have played an intrinsic part in spring and summer festivals in the Black Forest throughout the centuries. Music has always been a part of the social life of villagers, and they are often encouraged from a young age to learn to play a musical instrument. This scene, therefore, brings back nostalgic memories of the joyous social gatherings that are characteristic of the region. The pleasure these figurines provide is heightened by their animation as they turn from side to side whenever the music box plays.

Classed as a collector’s item, this clock has rich history embedded in many of its features, like the fire bell on the clock house roof that is rung by the farmer’s wife every time the clock chimes. Centuries ago, farmhouses were spread over vast areas of land, and their only means of communicating with each other in emergencies was by ringing the fire bell. The spreading shingled roof that slopes to the front and sides of the chalet is a miniature version of forest farmhouse roofs that were constructed to provide insulation to its inhabitants from the cold, and protect the walls of the lodge from deterioration. Directly under the gables runs an extensive balcony with exquisite dancing figurines that gracefully rotate to the sounds of the music box every hour; but centuries ago, this same area was utilized as additional living space for families and storage space for animal fodder. The quaint attic windows on the sides of the clock roof reveal the wide extent of the upper story in old farmhouses. Directly underneath is a vintage-style clock dial that stands prominently in the center of the chalet, surrounded by exquisitely carved paneling (a very common feature in traditional farmhouses that reveals the good use the abundant forest timber was put to). The curtained windows and flower boxes, a short stone wall at the base, and a staircase leading to the living quarters are all miniature versions of what was seen on old farmhouses that dotted the Black Forest landscape for hundreds of years.

The base of the clock is awash with colorful elements that narrate the story of farm life–the figurines of the farm horse pulling his loaded cart, the hard-working farmer’s wife, a vigilant watchdog and playful tabby cat; carvings of a fence, water trough, fencing, evergreen trees and woodland shrubs, and many other interesting little details are skillfully blended in to create a wonderfully authentic Black Forest farmhouse atmosphere. This award-winning clock is a must-have for the fastidious connoisseur who will be satisfied with only the best representation of the legendary woodlands combined with the best of Black Forest certified quality and service.

Handcrafted by August Schwer, Black Forest Clock Factory, Schoenwald, Black Forest, Germany

Details of this cuckoo clock:
High-quality wooden and hand-painted figurines and decorative elements
Wooden dial, hands, pendulum, and August Schwer exclusive life-like cuckoo
8-Day movement/running time (mechanical)
High-quality Regula movement
Night shut-off
Premium model with antique-style chains, wooden knob on night shut-off, real hinge on cuckoo door
High-quality Reuge Swiss music box with two melodies: Edelweiss and Happy Wanderer
5-year warranty
VdS certified

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22.8 inches tall (16.9 without tower), 18.5 inches wide, 10.6 inches deep, Includes three 44.4 ounce weights, Color: walnut


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